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The Anadromous Misapprehension

I guess most people who read this kind of herb website are researchers and gardeners,perhaps medically oriented scientists.This month I thought I would research something remotely associated with herbs and plant life, but it is the phenomenon of shaping steam in clouds or smoke.

Gee, how about it?

Satan appeared, it seemed ?

I have never been the type of person one called a skeptic, and have made romantic analogies of my own given certain other criteria,like a miracle or a catastrophe, but I felt appalled at the ignorance in which non-scientific people are kept, and also at the insult to the humanity within the suffering structures.
Basically, being alert to media like photography and their inherent micro-statistics, I could easily see that the smoke hanging over the Trade Centre Building in New York, which was shown as "Satan"by news media amounted to an image of one or more of the humans trapped in the structure.
Though I don't wish to belabour the beings involved nor the reader with further details, I did try to examine some of the sciences which would explain phenomena like cloud-shaping.

Coping Mechanisms

My reason is that I have heard human suffering called the devil before, in such a way that innocent humans were made to suffer from social discrimination.
Once, when I was in church,I noticed,amidst the usual historic saints' images and up-from Hades commercials that one sees in church, some black,glittering light, and a small voice asking for the sound of the ongoing sermon.Several old ladies stuffily refused the woman,saying that she or her black light was Satan.
Research into the matter showed that a woman suffering from painful osteo-arthritis could not leave her home to attend church and that the black light people could see was the image of severe pain,coming from the aura of probably acetylcholinergic transfer, or from her nerve action.
I began to see the congregation as living in an uncomfortable dream which excluded the tenets of Judao-Christianity.Instead of sending healing prayers and finding a way for the woman to hear the sermon, they chose superstitious ignorance as a coping mechanism.

If charity cannot begin in church, it has certainly failed in the vulgar pull on the public into the pockets of media ownership, as an increasingly simplified National Enquirer-type press presentation agitates those less fortunately gifted with intelligence into a body of stubbornly closed-minded paranoids.


 In the sweet days of my youth I imagined that I could see puffy white poodles, teddies and kitties in the clouds above. Most children are encouraged to dream and to imagine. After all, in most cultures the heavens are an important plane of existence, to be revered and thought of, or "imagined " to be a place of peace, beauteous conditions, the house of God,and the realm of angels. In my teens I pored over science fiction works and tales of the Occult,gradually reshaping a tendency to sensationalize into the quest to know about some of the phenomena reported through the centuries as"occult" or spirit-manifestation.Like many children, I was afraid (slightly) of vampires and ghosts, and- could there really be a Satan?

2000 years ago:Christs' Satan

When reading into works of antiquity,like the Bible, as an adult, I quite well recall the recorded notation of the founder of Christianity,Jesus Christ, who claimed:


"I perceive Satan as lightning from Heaven".

image of  Bible page-1:Corinthians:36

At least, he was a laid-back sort of brother who did not screechingly warn people of any other shape to worry about than the randomness of space electricity!

Todays' Demons ?

Not knowing what search string to use to research the shaping of clouds which I have witnessed for years,I wrote to a professor of Atmospheric science,asking where I should look,while telling him my reasons. His answer is as follows:

Dear Sue
I don't know from whence you got my name, but I have no expertise in this field. My own scientific background makes me a skeptic that there is anything except random chance producing these ephemeral images.  I put this in the category of vivid imagination attributing thoughts to transient swirls of clouds and smoke that if observed long enough will produce all possible images, some of them lasting for a few tenths of a second and others for minutes. Sort of like the monkey, who sitting at a type writer hitting keys randomly, for a long enough time, will type some fantastic poetry by strictly by chance.

As for the aurora borealis, I again claim no great expertise but I am unaware that it can be seen in daylight hours."  

Art Alexiou

About the only conclusion that scientists tend to offer to the public is that what we imagine to be apparent seems to be before us,during whatever phenomenon occurs.Perhaps they are sick of people distressing them and the more peaceful public by attempting to "show" that what they imagine to be true exists, through the incessant pounding and illuminating of sacred cave areas,the disruption or misuse of fermi lab sanctions,or through overly simplified televised efforts and their equivalent in other media.

Indeed, here is what my own "imagination" has had to offer over the last twenty years:

  1. Lightning which made vast purple orchid images,and intermittently, the image of a grinning snake.
  2. Lightning which struck a neighbours' lawn near the road,ending with the image of a transparent man landing.
  3. An image of a man strolling along the circumference of a rainbow,who,upon being asked to prove his existence by shooting an arrow out of the rainbow, immediately made lightning occur from the rainbow, though the storm had nearly dispelled.
  4. While travelling to Ottawa, the sighting of a round, brown"UFO" in very clear blue sky, which decidedly hovered in one impossible position, while the bus it was sighted from sped on at sixty miles per hour.
  5. Images of early Egyptians parading through my bedroom
  6. The image of a silver metal (Hebrew)Tau projecting upon my hall wall (shades of "The Tenant",you might think ,a vividly frightening film by Raymond Poulantski)
  7. The subsequent appearance in the river two doors down, of a rock bearing a gold metal (Hebrew) Cheth.
  8. The seeming ability to shape clouds by thinking shapes at them, and watching them specifically reform into the imagined shapes.
  9. Spending an afternoon praying for rain in Medicine Wheel during a drought, and witnessing, minutes after the prayers, the great image in cloud of a man drawing a bow to the sky,the immediate herald of massive storm clouds offering three days of torrential precipitation.
  10. When offering water from my garden hose to the sky, as a gift,the appearance of brilliant rainbows back down from the sky,and the impression that out there was a  giggling bat.See Reference article:   Peruvian Daffodils (The Goose is Out) : April Column 2004 (womens' theosophy)

So, you think I'm a giggling bat?

I could write a book about what I believe these phenomena to be, offering actual scientific logic. The result would be that scientists might read this, and would decry the sensationalism of colourfully describing the events,though younger scientists might include my topics as essay references. Perhaps I could present these same experiences as an illustrated work upon the vivid presence of The Almighty Creator.If I did not offer the work for free to religious people, I would be denounced as a pseudo-spiritual shyster,and the work would be seized upon by the Italian press for the edification of their banker.

Have a Hoot-On!

If you think I am ludicrously about to explain each of the aforementioned visions in a one-page column,I apologize, but I think I need degrees in geology, particle physics, atmospheric sciences,pyrotechnics,and astronomy, to name a few.

Instead, I am able to offer some links which might provide hints as to  the nature of images which defy immediate analysis other than, ad absurdium,through  poring over the same old tired manuals of yesteryear- the Bible (or Torah), Rig Vedas, Upanishads,et al, including "Why Men Behave like Apes" by Hooton,a Victorian and outdated anthropologist.

For Magnificence

Like most earthlings, I tried an astrophysics site which shows beautiful shots of hundreds of stars and galaxies.Please may I draw your attention to these linked images:

a.   Hubble Shots   An image of astronomical proportion could look like the profile of a Middle-Eastern man, but, it is a cloud of gasses and space dust. Is this , also the devil to wonderers? It is more likely particles which could contain debris from earth, or at least earth-like conditions. Gasses can form balloons of shapes, I believe.

p>This page and links explores strata formed by what are believed to be dust clouds. I believe that recognizable images form, possibly from dust, that could be herbacious, in that my book on algae fossils shows that rocks can embody whole recognizable human shapes from the photosynthesis in algal formations.
My actual, physical experience has shown me that these algaes can form gas-filled balloon shapes which look like a haunt, when small enough to ramble about earth.(  ...showing as "ghostien", "gisteen" and other tracks that seem related to gasses and geysers.) When packed down (the "ghost" balloon collapses into a millionth of its size) these resemble translucent, sooty woodtick forms.


a. It is quite possible that space debris or, even an exploding star bears characteristics which resemble wildlife, man, or trees and flowers,keeping in mind that gasses (like radon) can be radioactive,and often exit the earth in clouds of dust and debris during volcanic activity.It is also possible that these collections freeze and accrue in size from dust particles,further to explode during combustion into galaxy-sized shaping.
If you understand the difference, could you help explain to ordinary non-scientific minds how natural images occur,passing onto the next generation less hysteria and better love between brothers?

b.     Formation, maybe of continents, which resembles a cat, or a dragon.

What is factual to you, and what seems more real from mythology? Tour wondrous more images from the Hubble Site.

  1. Hubble Telescope Movie
  2. Find Easy to download Flash movies with easy annotation.
  3. shaping, the construction of nucleus: comet 67P/CG

    NB: an artists reconstruction quietly instructs that natural shaping could very well be an effect which people have sighted and called UFOs. Nature can seem to replicate very grand and large functions through reflection, radio transmission, etc.

This is an astrophysicists' statement from a now defunct site link:

"I wish to repeat a fact of physics - stars do not smoke. Stars are not on fire and burning oxygen like a burning coal arcing out of a campfire. Stars are nuclear. Therefore the smokey trails migratory stars can leave behind are raunchies from their nuclear furnaces on overtime, unstable in embodiments of such extreme active stars.
It is the same kind of nuclear overplus that can lead to nebulas from novas, super nova explosions, and active star discharges, all smokey, but not pipe smoke, this smoke is gas dust atoms and molecules like pipe smoke but not from processes of internal combustion using oxygen the internal combustions producing star smoke use Protons and Neutrons and the nuclii of heavier elements re-internalized into other nuclii.
Internal combustion smoke such as from your campfire re-organizes atoms (not nuclii) into other atoms, an entirely different entirely low energy grade process compared to the sacks of nuclear powers."

Do you, yourself, understand nuclear issues like this?

Nuclear Issues Link, formerly at the San Diego SuperComputer Centre at UCSD

"Ionizing radiation refers to radiation which is capable of removing, or ionizing, an orbital electron from a target atom which it impacts. Ionization takes place when incident radiation passes through matter close enough to an orbital electron of a target atom and transfers enough energy to knock the electron out or its orbit. The incident ionizing radiation may have sufficient energy to ionize more atoms and create what is called an ionization trail. Such a trail can often been seen in a cloud chamber."

Research into the origin of this statement is pending info from this site:, available via

I am sure that Geophysicists and other scientists make haste to instruct their own children as to the nature of earth and the shapes that it creates.As if those who believe in Satan as a manifestation were similarly innocent, some sense might be made which could save emotional hardship to others.


Geology Reference

Main Entry: ex·trav·a·sate
Pronunciation: ik-'stra-v&-"sAt, -"zAt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -sat·ed; -sat·ing
Etymology: Latin extra + vas vessel
Date: 1668
transitive senses : to force out or cause to escape from a proper vessel or channel
intransitive senses : to pass by infiltration or effusion from a proper vessel or channel (as a blood vessel) into surrounding tissue
- ex·trav·a·sa·tion   /-"stra-v&-'sA-sh&n, -'zA-/ noun

(....from Merriam Webster Dictionary Online)

Pick through masses of info on Canadian rocks and their formation and loci and they will not tell you too much about clouds shape. What does seem to be embedded in this paper is the sensibility that water escaping through shape-specific rock areas amounts to various recognized cloud formations.Have you heard the word extravasate before? I haven't either.


Main Entry: pho·to·dis·so·ci·a·tion
Pronunciation: -di-"sO-sE-'A-sh&n, -shE-
Function: noun
Date: 1925
: dissociation of the molecules of a substance (as water) caused by absorption of radiant energy
- pho·to·dis·so·ci·ate  /-'sO-sE-"At, -shE-/ verb

Merriam Webster


quote:"C. Effects of Rotation on fluid motion (Coriolis Effect)

1. Once a fluid is in motion on (or near) the Earth's surface, the effects of the Earth's rotation will also influence its direction of motion. One way to visualize this effect is first to realize that a person standing at the equator is traveling about 1700 km/hr due to the Earth's rotation. A person standing at 45°N latitude is traveling only about 1000 km/hr, and a person at the north pole is standing still."

Eureka-I thought I had it with this one: water is dissociated by the absorption of radiant energy.It turns to steam.It swirls in motion at the rate of 1000 to 1700 km/hr.So, as molten glass and steel returns to nature as some of its inherently photonic fossil minutiae, the structures moisture (and others')also evaporates along with the aircrafts' combustibles- forming gasses and steam into some inherent shaping, because of the rapidity of the fires ' containment.

Something that is little known is that the inventor of videotape discovered that thought alone could alter the content of the magnetic tape.He was a physicist called Vogl, who worked for IBM. THought is always present, and a "human print" of some kind seemed to be part of the video offered, though this was probably made with a digital. NB: Sorry to say that, this note being made in 2005, the Sattva Ashram has taken down its original link to this recorded phenomenon. In its place are new versions and experiences.


Link to:smoke photographic experiments on Pinterest by Adam Fuss

BLOG: My Ghost series, Adam Fuss

I have included the wonderful site links because the people studying these obvious manifestations have made the area and events holy, not commercial.And also because one of my friends told me that a farmer in her neighbourhood shot (with a rifle) a silver 'alien'- all of two feet high.

That's because if my kid ever gets lost in one of those gas launched tins and gets wet for too long, I'm gonna shoot the farmer if he hasn't learned any logic yet.And also, if you are a New Yorker or an easily sucked in "news" enthusiast, it is up to you,for the sake of survivors and their families, to make of such a tragedy as the Trade Centre an act of God which excludes such notions as a Satan of oil smoke.

Love the world- pass on your own version of this article for the peace of our brotherhood, and toward the joyous awareness of your childrens' children.

Bye for now,



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