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 Images that require permission to cut and paste:

  1. Any large images, especially animations.....
  2. Herbs Contents page: Contents gif

  3. Poppies: Please see Credits page for the link to Erewid. Poppies and Marigolds are copyright courtesy of Erowid.

  4. Pomegranates: Though the little pomegranate art clip (loveu.jpg") is my manufacture, I don't mind if you use it. The large photosof blossom and tree, though, are copyright Dr. Carr, Head of Botany at the U. of Hawaii. Ya don't want to tangle with an American!!

  5. Prunus Serotina or any herb photo- I had to ask permission- see the credits page.

  6. Medical Marijuana Banners: Go ahead and use them - they're my art, but adapt them a little, or give me a copyright credit.There are better banners in the free marijuana graphics pages.In fact, I sent mine to them, since I used some of theirs.

If you do use some of my own artwork from these pages, don't forget to cut and paste a copyright credit , as shown below. It's easy and courteous:

design by Northdays Image

The OK Stuff

Marijuana Leaf is courtesy of the free graphics pages (extensive) in:


Medical Marijuana Art: believe it or not, it was also free from marijuana.org. ! beautiful!

And, in the Interest of friendship:

 Sure, use my sunflower shots! other images- Yarrow, Tansy, Sweet Violet, and any plant not listed in the Credits pages are my own, so sure, use them.

The Herb imagery was collected by individual permission and annotated on the Credits Page, unless I took the shot myself.

Please email me, Sue,at suespersonal1@gmail.com  if you would like to adapt any of my material for your use. Any larger pieces of art, especially backgrounds or graphics that I have made for my personal use are not available for others' commercial use, unless you would like to purchase the art, photos, or the sets of buttons or animated gifs plus Javascript, if need be. I am sorry to get picky about art but I got bugged by someone to whom some artist had sold my fine art directly off the net.

 Small gifs are images that are less than 1/2 inch wide or long - You can use tiny images like arrows or little flowers. Please don't ask me to make your button art for you, though. I might reuse them commercially.

In all honesty, I sign even smaller pieces of art, since I have my own style, and I work at it. Let's face it, kids, by the time you've hand-picked my hidden watermark off some of my art, you've ruined your free lunch, eh? TRUST YOUR OWN WORK- it is probably more fresh, anyway!!! You do not have my permission to re-post my own graphic material on the net, unless you mail in the reason, (my email is: suespersonal1@gmail.com and also publish my linked copyright.

cut and paste:

 design by Northdays Image

and apply this below the image, or at the bottom of the page, if this is a background.



I research tutorials and free script sites for my Javascript, so finding the scripts is easy, if you need it in full. Simply look for where the script has been linked, or for the name of the originator on the script, type it into your search field along with +free+Javascript or +DHTML or XHTML and sure enough, the free scripts will occur in front of you!

For the Swipe 'n Post crowd: Let's indulge the idea that there are copyright laws that work for Internet texts and scripts, as well as for copyright print....

 After all, even a small site like this costs $300.00 a year to post on the net. When you realize that a manuscript copyright only costs the author $500.00 altold, a scripters' copyright is far more valuable. It is paid for again and again.

I have used many free Javascripts in my site. However, each of the very gifted script writers has copyright sanctions. These are predominantly the same values in that you may use a script for free, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes.

People who feel that they may swipe a web page and go on to make bucks must offer the courtesy of contacting these script writers and of buying the right to use and license these works for businesses. Otherwise the Javascript sites offer a working practice tutorial.

Herewith are the names of Javascript writers or designers, whose works you will see in these pages. You need to research their sites and witness their specifics geared to the net industry.

  1. My Drag and Drop script,(when it is in use) and also Dynlayer and Scroll for interactive graphics are from a great site by:

  2. Dan Steinman //scroll:  a widget that draws a JavaScript scrollbar to scroll a layer
    // 19990410

    // Copyright (C) 1999 Dan Steinman Distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License // Available at http://www.dansteinman.com/dynapi/

  3.   The great sliding menu operated by clicking a subtle mandala is from Author:
  4. Etlux:  (C) 2001 www.CodeLifter.com

  5. 3. Colorchange javascript is super- it's easy to use.
     'Get this script and more at JavaScript City':http://www.javascriptcity.com

  6.  Doctors Cures or Curses:Magic Eightballs abound. I had to add the artwork- it is just a script...Mine is  from:

  7. Menu Tooltip tickets ( not in use at the moment ) : The navigation offers a little description plus image to the surfer. Tricky HTML, there, Sharon!  A very delightful script. (not in use at the moment, but, thank you so much) Image w/ description tooltip- By Dynamic Web Coding (www.dyn-web.com)
    Copyright 2002 by Sharon Paine
    Visithttp://www.dynamicdrive.com for this script

  8. Date-Time Message Scroller for Status bar (index): Simply the Best.Net http://simplythebest.net/info/dhtml_scripts.html

See, they all have a copyright value. These are the educated people who think of literally, the whole earth and your IT safety before they earn, earn , earn.

 Please, Apply First !

My own articles are copyright material. The material exists as a collation of research from both book publications and the Internet. Please pay attention to the authors' copyright. I have to ask permission to issue small quotations leading to info from some sites, and of course, you will need to ask of them permission, where indicated, plus issue proper credits.

Please, include my copyright. (see above cut and paste link) ,if you choose to quote an exact passage from my pages. Application to re-issue a page means that you are responsibly asking whether you may start a mirror site. You will be asked to give me the link where it is posted, and also to include my copyright, as shown on the end of each page, as well as the links to and copyrights inclusive of any other researchers' work as posted.


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