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Epicure Selection Dip

"As a working mother, I longed to spend more time with my young family and provide them with delicious, nutritious meals that were quick and easy to prepare."

Sylvie Rochette, President and Founder of Epicure Selections®

I've gone through it as a working mother, and I just love the ideas to this day, prepared amounts of herbs, spices or other types of condiments that will assist the speed, character and flavour of what I need to whiz up for the table on a busy day.
The products that I am writing about were evolved by a parent (Sylvie Rochette) who cared very deeply about food quality. Mrs. Rochettes' company claims to use the highest quality ingredients. In fact, each product is guaranteed.

Irresistible Products


Although an invitation like that did not come very often, a relative had met someone who was willing to come to her home, to demonstrate at a planned party how yummy the line of spices and spice blends were.
About twenty five ladies partied for the evening, as Leah, our sales person, made sour cream and spice mix dips for all of us to try. She broke up very fresh pumpernickel bread, and each of us enjoyed the earthiness of dipping chips of the the wholesome bread into the well-balanced, fresh-tasting dips, all prepared by Epicure Selections ®

It was not too hard to remember which dip was the most appealing, since we were given a list that we could check, when something was to our taste. I bought a few of the mixes, as well as a kosher pizza pan.
When I got the three or four jars that I had selected for the first time, I tried endless recipe ideas that involved these mixes, some of which are not still listed as products. The companies' products change and evolve- last year although I really wanted one particular Thailand or Malaysian dip mix, I couldn't find it on their online catalogue. I found a new product, though - very redolant Kaffir lime leaves for cooking, exquisite with both scent and taste.
Some of the recipes upon the recipes page in this site involve the use of some of these marvellous spice mixes.

An Ever Expanding Line of Products

You can see the range of products for yourself at this address: Epicure Selections: Our Products
Epicure Selections® does not just sell dips and spices; the company has collected a number of kitchen tools, household green-inspired soaps, and specialty items like salsas, Asian, French and English spice mix sets, salts and peppers, pepper jellies (!), all amounting to an expanding company described in Epicures' site as: "a 100% Canadian, family-owned, woman-led company"

Sylvie Rochette, the founder of this company, sold her own spice blends from her station wagon at local markets and consumer trade shows,calling her home made spice blends "Victorian Epicure", before an overwhelming business success, through party-plan direct sales model led to a huge and ever-expanding industry. see "Quick Facts", on Epicure Selections® site for a look at how a small business grows and changes over a decade or so.

Victorian Epicure Inc. now manufactures and markets more than 190 top quality spice blends, recipe selections and professional quality cookware. Victorian Epicure Inc.’s Home Office production and distribution facility occupies 80 acres of designated Land Reserve property on Vancouver Island.



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