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Happy Canada Day

July 1st - a Carleton Place Band

JULY 1st

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians!
I guess most people are more than happy to be out there swimming, camping and enjoying the fresh air.
Perhaps some Canadians actually listen to the "proud-we-are-Canadian" speeches from the park bandstands. But most people are happy to swig their beer in the park and chatter through the patriotic reminders. So few actually cherish the meaning of Democratic FREEDOMS.

Gold Maple Leaf
Top, left: The cheerful bandstand in Carleton Place, On.


They are written into our Canadian Constitution as we all know. Our freedoms used to be much the subject of discussion in the newspapers and during debates and interviews on television. Points to issues of freedom of speech What happened to the news? How much of our news is manufactured trash suitable only to rich realtors or for the specious benefit of Gas Company owners?Texts and knowledge used to be in the hands of only the aristocracy.These days, if we don't connect via the Internet, Mega-Corporate issues may further deny our right to real information via their ball-crushing hold on media ownership.
Our concepts of Democracy come from a combination of Judeo-Christian ethics and Platonic Philosophy. We enjoy the Freedom to Worship Point to:Freedom to Worship! So who goes to church? Is "God dead?" Isn't that idea dead news, too? What happens to religions when people become sloppy and greedily criminal with their right to Democracy?
One of our freedoms is:
Freedom of Thought

Point to: Freedom of Thought There are now anti-stalking laws, but how many people have frustratingly given up their right to think contemplatively and quietly, in meditative introspection?
What have we now but drug-inspired, loud hysteria and covetousness as neophytes test out their intellectual faculties?
One of the hardest freedoms to test and to maintain is the obvious right not to have ones' thoughts invaded, and most of all, policed or warped out by nazified ideas of social health.
People who stalk are thoughtless and punk, adolescent and greedy. WIll they shutup? How will you test the Constitution in this respect?
Justice. We are entitled to correct and Democratic law. Points to Justice There are so many dismayed victims of criminal violence who are never served the compensation to which they should be entitled that their wrath has inspired one of the most lethal conservative backlashings the country has had to face. When the violence is not only perpretated by the law in some cases, but the compensation collected for the victim given back in to the same increasingly criminal rackets, (Social Services and Policing) where and what is The Canadian Justice System?
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Points to Declaration of Human Rights

July:  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


 Six Freedoms from State Terrorism as presented by the United Nations:

 Six Freedoms from State Terrorism are, as put forward by the United Nations, as follows:
  • Freedom from Slavery
  • Freedom from Torture
  • Freedom from State Piracy
  • Freedom from Genocide
  • Freedom from Hostage-Taking
  • Freedom from Discriminatory Practises
  • The UN also defines some actions which are polluting as acts of terrorism.

If you are interested in reading about Democratic Human Rights and feel that you must challenge the Law in your Province or State,pick up a worthy book by United Nations lawyers,  I.  Blishchenko and N.  Zhdanov.

This work will offer to you the names and dates of International Treaties on State terrorism, and other forms of terrorism. "Terrorism and International Law",by I. Blishchenko and  N. Zhdanov. Publisher: Progress Publishers, 1984.



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