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Just Can't Wait!

Our red sunflowers Bet you just cain't wait to turn over those beds and start a' diggin! Now's the time!
To the left- a little bragging - our garden after we planted our herbs and wildflowers together. Our red sunflowers.
In the last couple of years my friend and I mated all kinds of floral aspirations.For instance, we both sowed yarrow.

I transplanted mine by root, and he sowed his.
The result was that yarrow bloomed profusely around the beginnings of a small fountain, and became not the occasional wildflower, but a statement of occasion.

My friends' wildflower seeds cost him eight dollars (Canadian)



  1. pansies
  2. giant purpleviolets,
  3. white violets
  4. prairie lilies
  5. petunias (of course)
  6. russian sage
  7. eunonymous bushes
  8. painted daisy
  9. purple aster
  10. hostas(variegated and giant plantain lily)
  11. wild purple bearded iris
  12. mauve bearded wild iris
  13. variegated mauve iris
  14. siberian iris
  15. white iris
  16. giant yellow iris
  17. midget magenta iris
  18. sunflowers
  19. rose
  20. cherry pie (agea)

My Transplants

  1. yarrow
  2. tansy (white,yellow
  3. and magenta)
  4. evening primrose
  5. king evening primrose
  6. motherwort
  7. sedum,shocking pink
  8. sedum:stonecrop
  9. may
  10. blazing star (liatris)
  11. foxglove
  12. lily of the valley
  13. tickseed
  14. black-eyed susans
  15. veronica

His Wildflowers

  1. cornflowers (white,
  2. royal blue,pink, magenta,
  3. purple, pale blue)
  4. cosmos(white,pink, magenta)
  5. black-eyed susans
  6. texas roadside coneflower
  7. echinacea
  8. gypsophila
  9. toadflax,variegated
  10. potentilla
  11. yarrow,white
  12. viola
  13. red sunflowers


Results: cosmos and coneflowers form a central garden.

Sunflowers and CosmosThe Moral of the Story: Lovers who garden together tend to stay together longer- probably to see the tulips they planted together last Fall



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