Thanks to many generous photographers, images I have never seen in real life are available on the net.
Below are the people who granted the further use of their images for your research interest.

December - January 2003

Many thanks to Naomi Buckman, who gave her permission to use the perfect Harebell shot- dew and all reflecting the special gifts the herb can impart to Rescue Remedies

Harebell courtesy of:


MAY 2002 to MAY 2003

Evening Primrose comes in many varieties, but the wildflower image to the right, so brilliant, comes from the wildflower section of a University website, thanks to webmaster: Bob Raebig

October - November

Autumn Crocus

Gracious permission to use this shot from original digitals) is from photographer Eric Rowe.



Scullcap courtesy of Altnature Gallery
Editor and Creator :
Karen Shelton  

Herb Gallery Descriptions by Deb Jackson
Herb pictures on this site are copyright Alternative Nature Herbal 1998

Karen Shelton offers a series of free wildflower images in her site. Stock shots available.
Image for Mugwort

Avena sativa-Wild Oats

Photographs and text of this work were copyrighted to insure their free fair use in the public domain.
Permission was thereby granted from the author, a tax-supported public servant, to any readers to use any of this material for non-profit or other appropriate educational purposes consistent with the fair use doctrine (eg. courses or other publications in fields like Range Management, Forestry, Ecology, etc.)
Please See The Eleventh Commandment (for Rangers) on the home page of this site


The Carnivora image on this page and on the directory is used by permission of  

Dames Rockets photos:

White planting-Sue Risk's garden.


With thanks to professional Florida artist and photographic specialist in agronomy, Ian Maguire,  the Litchi tree is shown in this site, fruiting abundantly.

Red Sunflowers & Sunflowers in pot ,petals

photos by Sue Risk


courtesy of Nature Direct photographer:

Oak Image from:

Marijuana Imagery courtesy of:


image from:


Lovely Red Pomegranate flower and Pomegranate tree shown in the Herbs Contents page are courtesy of and the copyright of:Dr.G.D.Carr,Professor and Chair, Dept of Botany,University of Hawaii.

Wild Cherries

Images are adapted from an Image Bank: Carl Lindmans Bilder ur Nordens Flora

A lovely letter arrived from Mr. John Jackson, whose images are in the Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Ireland.
I would like to thank Mr. Jackson for the graciousnes and generosity with which he has written, since I could feel the kindness, and also since I see that the site is backed by Queen Elizabeth 11 nd. God, I'm presumptuous.

The Society: 


By Photographers with Forest Biology and Dendrology:

John Sieler, Michael Aust,John Bailey,Claude Brown,Bruce Bongarten,Suan Day,Edward jensen,Richard kreh,Larry mcCormick,Aalex niemiera,David Wm Smith,James Ward,Rodney Will,Shephard Zedaker. (I don't know who did what. John Sieler did the Scotch Pine)


(Seville Orange Flowers in bud):

Courtesy of: Quinessence .com

Thank you to Managing Director Mr. Lyth, also to Hilary,PA to Mr. Lyth.



Wonderful Images thanks to: Eric Clausen:Poppy Image Vault,copyright 2001, Erowid

Those gorgeous fields! Thanks to Pam Burnette, this image(Field Poppies) and others are available as downloadable wallpaper.


Erowid's Calendula Officinalis


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