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Updated Jan 8th, 2014

Aztec Sweet Herb

I like a particular herb, which can be adapted to Canadian soil to be used either for its attractiveness in planters, or actually for cuisine or medicine. Aztec Sweet Herb is 1,000 to 1,500 times sweeter than sugar, yet it does not contribute to tooth decay.

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Januarys' column (2014) is all about dental self- care; what pages in Northdays show you herbs that improve your dental health?
LINK HERE TO: 2014 Column Page, About Dental Health and Self Care
The navigation bar on the left has a new section called "Dental Health". On the dropdown, a button is titled "Interest". Link through this to a page, which is called Natural Dental main page about some natural dental health recipes and ideas.
LINK HERE TO: Text-Only Printable page for Natural Dental Health


Having been a life long fan of chocolate, and that's of all kinds - the savour, scents, softening qualities - I am overwhelmed by the wealth of glad tidings concerning the healthful aspects of cacao.

LINK TO:     Chocolate

LINK TO:     Cacao Properties

So Much Good News About Coffee!

Coffee Update

This researcher enjoyed a fascinating few days checking out the accolades by scientists, as coffee is withdrawn from the list of tabu substances. Medical researchers have given us a new way to view one of our favourite beverages.

French Canadian Vegetarian Tourtiere

My , my column for Winter to Spring 2013 contains variations upon the winter comfort food of Canadians: tourtiere recipes.
Tourtiere is a meat pie traditionally made with herbs, pork, or beef and venison. I happen to like meatless cuisine, and in my article I describe why eating this way occured to me at all.As well, I discovered that I could really enjoy veggie soya products in quite classy formats.

The Great Pumpkin Pie Contest

My column for Autumn 2012 contains a Pumpkin Pie recipe, and a description of country life at the Farmers' Market.

Wash Days

Read all about Soapwort.(text-only) This herb might seem rustic and the idea of making ones own soap from the garden old-fashioned, but its uses are worth knowing about.
QUICK NOTES:   Link to Soapwort Properties Text Page


Read pages from this site that reference cancer prevention.

Salt Days

This summers'column describe some of the benefits of shopping in a Farmers' Market.

Salad Days

It's still cool here, and we are still enjoying root vegetables, winter spuds and stovetop cooking. A nice transition to the salad days (which even makes sense for a mid-summer Bar BQ) is to make a 'hot' salad, full of nutritional ingredients.Try the hearty salad combination or whiz it up your own favourite way.
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Salad Days: Hoot Cela! (a hot alternative to coleslaw),Column:May. 2011

Updated May 17th, 2011

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November 2011 Recipe - Enjoy in 2012, too!

Nutty Banana - Cranberry Cake

Cooler weather demands that you take a little warmth into your system, nourishing your body for the winter months with some good quality nutrients. From now until March, nuts and fruit like cranberries are very traditional. These are also very good for you. Try the simple banana-cranberry cake recipe.
To Nutty Banana -Cranberry Cake:

November Column 2010

The advent of really sunny, moist warm weather in late May tends to spark the flowering of ground covering vines, like Ajuga or Creeping Phlox.
This sites' newest article is about (to textual) Blue Ajuga, a brilliant rock-garden cover and a medicinal herb..

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Dryclean Paper

Wash That Bunk Off Everything! Yes, Everything!
Believe it or not, you can dryclean paper.

Spring Articles

Read about an herb that is worth its weight in gold- it's hot!

The Horseradish

To Horseradish Properties

Welcome to 2010! Read about sunny Penstemon in

Beardtongue (In Love With the Penstemon)

Last column in 2009.

Torn Blue Jeans: The Thrifty Years

Torn Blue Jeans is about parenthood and youth, the hip generation of food explorers, and a recent invention of mine in home cooking.


Stoned Flatbread, and how thrift can turn into a monster luxury!

Autumn Column: Medicinal Fruit 

Hot Swiss Chard Soup:

The men love this complex, spicy soup, and they thought it would make a good sauce as well. Autumns' harvest can offer so many of these lovely, fresh vegetables, directly from the garden.

Winter Articles of Other Years

Read More

Unknown Search and Rescue Remedies
Calendula for Protection
Benedictine Monks Recipe
Recipes Page
Spices Epicure, Food Products
Foods with Violet
Diet Optimization
Aromatherapy for Mothers: Labour Blend
Health Food, Flatbread, Soya Sauce
Dandelion Syrup
Passover "Tansies"
Prunella Tonic and Stews
Sunflowers: North American Indigenous Food Source
Aromatherapy for Lovers
Votive Food
Black Mission Figs in Brandy
Violet Ointment
Elderberry Syrup and others
Feverfew Use for Migraine
Yarrow: toothache, herb bread, tea
Veronica: for laxative or diarrhea
About Coffee Roasting
Horseradish Recipes
How Do You Use Soapwort?
Beardtongue: Skin Salve link
Party Recipes
Primrose Tea for Frenzy!
About Brussel Sprouts
Medicinal Fruits
Family (links to About Mint, Mercury)
Goldenrod and St. Johns' Wort Tea
Scullcap and Pregnancy
Using Mallow
Evening Primrose and your weight
Echinacea Uses (like Mouthwash)
Plantain Salad; reduce cholesterol
**Diabetes Management**
About Calcium and Sources

Please note that the Dictionary instant link at the bottom of each page can be found on the textual equivalent home page, which is available from the top left corner of index and the base of most other pages.


Jan to March Column: Eat Nuts, Stay Well!

Tour a Nursery in Autumn

Column January to March:    A brilliant and huge nursery garden awaits you. One may find so many shapes, sounds, textures, scents and sights when visiting a country plant business.

A Vegetarian Article

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ......Paul McCartney


August to September: This months' article is about "The Creative Vegan".

To Recipes

Make Cauliflower Schmedley! - Harvest Vegetable Cream Soup Concentrate

The Childrens' Section

New Parents,a section has been added to present interests with regard to your childrens' health.



JAN: JOHN HOPKINS AND IMMUNIZATION IN MARYLAND: The "whoa on immunization" factor.



Shaken Baby Syndrome-How Parents Were Falsely Accused. See, also, page of links about legal affairs concerning malpractice and false accusations
Medical Legal Cases

UK, Erroneous Mercury Level Data Report

"The very first words of the Nuremberg Principles issued following the Second World War and designed to outlaw Nazi medical experiments for all time were: 'The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.'"

Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr."Pharmaceutical Terrorism & Mandatory Vaccination"

Canada and Immunization

2001-2 Statistics show that Canadian children receive Hepatitis B immunization made with no preservative, but not other antigens.

LINK TO: Public Health Agency of Canada: On Thimerosal


The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded Carnegie Mellon University a $750,000 grant to support research into how the human brain deciphers language, which could one day yield advances in the treatment of neurological disorders such as autism and dyslexia. This multidisciplinary research is being conducted by Marcel Just, the D.O. Hebb Professor of Psychology, and Tom Mitchell, the Edward Fredkin Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Learning in the School of Computer Science.

Are you taking Zyprexa? Pharmaceutical firms are covering up reports about life-threatening qualities of this anti-psychotic drug.


  1. DEC:    LINK TO STRANGE SKIES,a more general photo article about atmospheric manipulation and your health.
  2. JULY 06:    PRAYER INSPIRATION  is offered via a site dedicated to organizing universal prayers and thanks for Water. Worth visiting!

  3. SEPT:Link to discoveries ABOUT MINT by Professor Susan Fleetwood-Walker, who jointly led the study with Dr Rory Mitchell:
    "This discovery of the pain-relieving properties of mint oil and related compounds has great potential for alleviating the suffering of millions of chronic pain patients.., including those with arthritis or those who have had nerve damage or spinal injury following major accidents..."

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My Companions Mother image is of a little mauve and white butterfly, very plump and humourous, who cannot resist fluttering down, toward a red rose.I add articles after researching herbs properties, because they tend to enrich interest in alternative medicine, and I hope you fellow gardeners will enjoy some of them!
If you see the Companion Mother image on some of these pages, as below, this signifies "The Companions" section - articles selected from the last three years. Most of these articles have great links to other herb sites, and plenty of info about herbs use in alternative medicine.



Although this is a highly visual page, showing a black disc, which superimposes over a white disc in order to express the phases of the moon as it is shadowed, waxing and waning, the text below this is also expressed by a javascript, which will tell you on what day the next full moon will be shining. 



A Time for Cool Foods!

Click to this creamy recipe for Peasant Vichysoisse, or choose to explore the whole recipes page

Northern herb Tea freaks: Check out this great idea!

Grow Your Own Lemongrass
 and make your own Lemongrass Tea.

6.  All Herb Properties

a.To Herb Properties Proper- ( 3 Directories, (A to Z)  contain graphics, and a photo for each herb. )

You can also reach Herb Properties by navigating to the 'Herb' button on the right navbar on index.html, or "All Herbs" on the slide menu, which is a cream square mandala, to the left on all regular Property pages.

A table on the Herb Contents Page links to Recent Articles Or, just click immediately below to Herbs Contents:
7. Visual  Arts Section     Ars-Ho! Pursuits

I am an artist, so if you run into this section, here I am, strutting my stuff, although for a quick bit of fun. If you want a 'long description' of humour, or arts pages, please write - it sure would take some time to make my images sound as funny as the cartoons are.

1.  Doctors' Cures and Curses        If you need Words of Inspiration...Ask the Doctor, then take the pill!    I think I can make a textual Doctors' eight-ball (probably by picking through xml downloads for about six months!!). If there is any interest in this, please write the email, OR call on the phone 1(613)836-2297.  I am always trying to please, but haven't all the time in the world! To Describe: A text-entry form allows the reader to ask "The Doctor" a question-any question. On the image page, a picture comes up of a pill bottle filled with herb remedies, made of images of flowers. Each bottle has text offering bizarre insults and suggestions that only your Doctor knows how to sprinkle upon your head!

2.    Moonphase . I love this page. It has a javascript in it, which shows the actual phases of the moon, and changes per day. Its text will tell you when the next full moon will be, as well.




Dictionary (Defined)

 "One entry found for webster.
Main Entry:
 web·ster Pronunciation: 'web-st&r Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English webbestre female weaver, from webbian to weave; akin to Old English wefan to weave archaic : WEAVER 1"

Top text input is a Dictionary Online, and bottom text input is a Thesaurus.

&, you'll need this......

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My Contact Page

Some readers may have enjoyed the regular articles and different herbs featured month to month. From now on, though, space requirements prohibit the addition of much more. I am still looking for backing to develop more herb research essays and properties tables. I will be changing my column when I have time.
I have a readership of 136,000 per year, and have been recommended by over a million users.
So, if anyone is willing to offer a donation, or to have a breezy interest page made up for an ad, please see my "About" page for email or telephone #.(or fax the same number)
If you have ideas about how these pages may show better on your telephone or diary, please do let me know!
I test my site on the one inch screen of my Virgin mobile phone, and it does show text and some images. The links will really work! If you need to research something by phone, please click the top left of the page to access text-only pages. Easier! My idea is to explore the possibilities of herbs in alternatives medicine, with the focus on a production group and associated links. I feel that interest pages like mine can makeyou rich.(if not me!)


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