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Updated June 4th, 2015

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Link here to June 2015 Column Page: All about cool!

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Dental Care

Our Dental Section: All about dental self- care; what pages in Northdays show you herbs that improve your dental health?

The navigation bar on the left has a new section called "Dental Health". On the dropdown, a button is titled "Interest". Link through this to a page, which is called Natural Dental about some natural dental health recipes and ideas.

LINK HERE TO: Dental Health a page about dentistry and dental health.
LINK HERE TO: Dental Health Text-Only
LINK HERE TO:  a page about Natural Dental Self Care.
LINK HERE TO:  Text-Only Printable page for Natural Dental Health

2014 Aztec Sweet Herb

I like a particular herb, which can be adapted to Canadian soil to be used either for its attractiveness in planters, or actually for cuisine or medicine. Aztec Sweet Herb is 1,000 to 1,500 times sweeter than sugar, yet it does not contribute to tooth decay.

To Aztec Sweet Herb Article, "Honey Herb"

To Aztec Sweet Herb Text Page (Print-friendly)


Having been a life long fan of chocolate, and that's of all kinds - the savour, scents, softening qualities - I am overwhelmed by the wealth of glad tidings concerning the healthful aspects of cacao.

LINK TO:     Chocolate

LINK TO:     Cacao Properties

French Canadian Vegetarian Tourtiere

My column for Winter 2013 contained variations upon the winter comfort food of Canadians: tourtiere recipes. It is reposted as a permanent page.
Tourtiere is a meat pie traditionally made with herbs, pork, or beef and venison. I happen to like meatless cuisine, and in my article I describe why eating this way occured to me at all. As well, I discovered that I could really enjoy veggie soya products in quite classy formats.

The Great Pumpkin Pie Contest

Some of we vendors entered a contest for best pie in the Autumn of 2012. A silent auction offered proceeds to the local Food Bank. My article is about this (the first pie contest I've entered) and it also contains a recipe for home made Pumpkin Pie.

Coffee Update

Read recent news about coffee

Recent news about coffee and its helpful nature as an herb led me to research some fairly scientific stuff.

Wash Days

Read all about Soapwort.(text-only) This herb might seem rustic and the idea of making ones own soap from the garden old-fashioned, but its uses are worth knowing about.
QUICK NOTES:   Link to Soapwort Properties Text Page

Salad Days

Last summers' column (2011) describe some of the benefits of shopping in a Farmers' Market.

Article about the benefits of Brussels Sprouts

It's still cool here, and we are still enjoying root vegetables, winter spuds and stovetop cooking. A nice transition to the salad days (which even makes sense for a mid-summer Bar BQ) is to make a 'hot' salad, full of nutritional ingredients.Try the hearty salad combination or whiz it up your own favourite way.

Recipe for Hot Brussels Sprouts Salad

To Hot Brussel Sprout Salad

Salad Days: Hoot Cela! (a hot alternative to coleslaw),Column:May. 2011

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November 2011 Recipe

Nutty Banana - Cranberry Cake

Cooler weather demands that you take a little warmth into your system, nourishing your body for the winter months with some good quality nutrients. From now until March, nuts and fruit like cranberries are very traditional. These are also very good for you. Try the simple banana-cranberry cake recipe.
To Nutty Banana -Cranberry Cake:

November Column 2010

To celebrate fresh foods. Roasted fresh coffee - because we can!

The advent of really sunny, moist warm weather in late May tends to spark the flowering of ground covering vines, like Ajuga or Creeping Phlox.
This sites' newest article is about Blue Ajuga, a brilliant rock-garden cover and a medicinal herb..

Blue Ajuga

The advent of really sunny, moist warm weather in late May tends to spark the flowering of ground covering vines, like Ajuga or Creeping Phlox.
This sites' newest article is about Blue Ajuga, a brilliant rock-garden cover and a medicinal herb..

To Ajuga Properties Pages

Spring Articles

The "Golden" Radish

The horseradish was considered to be worth its' weight in gold!

Welcome to 2010!

Read about sunny Penstemon in Beardtongue (In Love With the Penstemon)

Bread and Chocolate.

The Reincarnating World: Notes about reincarnation or rebirth. From plant seeds to eggs, toward a faithful understanding of what makes life return to earth, again and again: Comparative religion.

Last column in 2009.

The Thrifty Years

Stoned Flatbread, and how thrift can turn into a monster luxury!

Medicinal Fruits

Medicinal Violets

I had fun researching the various documents about violets, their history and medicinal uses. Hope you enjoy this!

COLUMN, May and June : Violets in my Garden!
500 Varieties of Violets.

COLUMN, Jan to March: Revive!
Eat Nuts and stay well!

I have always believed in the good nutritive qualities of nuts.
Cholesterol? Well, I cheat a bit. You see, I need certain combinations of foods in Winter, and so do you!

COLUMN, AUGUST to SEPTEMBER 2008  The Creative Vegan.

I found a wonderful new type of restaurant, where a vegetarian like myself can not only be happy with the food choices, but creative.

  CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME. This month (March) I have added something a little more serious to my columns' concept.
I explored natural medicine for the relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you suffer from this problem, you might like to try some of the available remedies.

My two new publications are on the road. Shown to the right is the cover of my Photo publication, about the mysteries of earth and arts, people and places.
I also pubished a major work, which took me three years. That work, described in this article is about religion and interfaith concepts.


IRISES: I added some newer photos and also some relevant links to my Irises article recently(for links, text-only: iristext.htm). I am linked to Quebec, Canada (French) and to Czechoslovakia (in Czech!)Who is right? Which is the most wild and or medicinal of the varieties of Bearded iris (Iris versicolor)?



Cats' Claw (uncaria tomentosa, is an herb found in the Tropical Rainforests of South America. Studies in the last half of the century confirm that this herb has qualities which earn for it the terms "noble", and "world-class"..

Re: Links

Please, do not forget to check for a text-only, print friendly page, to be found by navigating to the top left hand of each regular page. Nearly every page has a text-equivalent linked to it.

I hope that you will enjoy the continued research effort in these pages.This site was started in order to demonstrate my web design skills, and its topic is just my interest. Since the survival of these pages demands payments per year, and I wanted to continue adding articles, I recently upgraded to a larger site space. If this kind of service is helpful to you, I would like to encourage donations toward the cost of production. I will post small banner ads (25x80px) for any donation. All I ask for is your business license #, or the equivalent in proof that yours is a legitimate enterprise.
Articles are acceptable, so that a donation will go to good use. Link to Contact Page


A fairly quiet herb, which has never caught my eye, cinquefoil demanded that I give it some attention by plonking itself in my herb garden.

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