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My Personal Column: Jan 2014

Aztec Sweet Herb, Figs, Plantain, Peppermint and Coffee- what have these natural plants to do with dentistry?

Hi, I have just added an exciting herb to my Northdays exploration. Aztec Sweet Herb produces a sweetener, which does not cause tooth decay, so it would make a good sweetener for dental care products, like mouthwash.

Before you charge out to buy Stevia, there are some considerations to observe re: the use of such discoveries.

I feel that, as ordinary citizens, we do not know enough about caring for and protecting our vital needs.
I know that one of my bodys' vital needs is to maintain correct digestion, so that keeping my teeth and gums healthy is a good start, and a requisite function before the body absorbs any nutrition.
I've listed some of the pages in Northdays (below) which relate to some lesser known dental meds or even difficulties coming from the natural kingdom. For instance, did you know that South American folk used coca leaves for tooth pain, while a very much more benign remedy for tooth pain (even for tooth abcess) comes from the Middle East? A boiled, warm fig can help you with a painful tooth before running to your dentist.
Neither remedy will be sufficient, of course, but each herb use reminds us that people in historic circumstance had to fend for themselves through observation, experimentation and foraging; without Google quick links, natural science needed to peer into the "doctoral signature" of each plant, its chemistry (perhaps via the aura) and, from various trials, created the brilliant medicine we know today.

Reading from some of the sources for dental care, one finds that an herb (Plantain) can be used as an antiseptic gargle; however, Plantain, when taken per os in an anti-convulsant drug can cause tooth decay. Somehow, as I re-examine my account for some means of paying yet another dental bill, it seems so worth while to explore what I can do for my teeth, and what goes into what is done for my teeth, as well!!

Google Listings for Dental Care in this site.

HINT: Don't forget to LINK to Companion Articles, at base of Properties Pages.

  1. Fig Properties Ficus carica Properties
    ... spirit of orange, and Senna) roasted and split, used as emollient poultices for gumboils, dental abscesses and "other circumscribed× maturating* tumours".
  2. Coffee Update Page
    9. adenosine receptor antagonist to minimize manifestations of Huntington's chorea 10. preventive action on dental caries (Daglia et al., 2002). SOURCE: Coffee ...
  3. Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Properties Page
    ... heart,mental exhaustion,fatigue,reduce chills, reduce fever,tension headache relief,migraine. smoking herb.cosmetics,candies,toothpaste,tooth whitener,herb ...

  4. Plantain (Plantago major) Properties
    Dilantin, derived from Plantain, and given as an anti-convulsant, will cause premature tooth decay. **bacteriostatic. : (bak-te"re-o-stat'ik) arresting the growth or ...
  5. Why Dad Refused to do the Dishes/ Peppermint
    I made a marvellous tooth cleaner with it for nearly five years, and I have successfully killed all bone or tendonitis pain with its pure essence. Aromatherapy is not ...
  6. Coca Erythoxylum coca Lam properties page: novocaine
    ... prevent scurvy, relieve pain of arthritis,headache and rheumatism.Cocaine is used in ear, nose and throat surgery only.Novocaine is used in Dentistry.Illegal recreational drug ...

List of Herbs on Northdays Useful for Mouthwash

  1. Echinacea Properties
    The tincture or decoction may be used as a mouthwash in the treatment of pyorrhoea and gingivitis. It may be used as an external lotion to help septic sores and ...
  2. Potentilla
    skin problems,jaundice, malaria, cystitis,palsy, shingles, itch, sciatica, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, quinsey, epilepsy,toothache, bleeding gums, mouthwash, fever, ...
  3. Horsetail (L equisetaceae)
    douche in leucorrhea or menorrhagia prostatic disease, enuresis (bedwetting) incontinence, cystic ulceration and ulceration of urinary passages, mouthwash in apthous ulcers or gingivitis,reduce ...
  4. The Oak Tree
    ... by Miriam Polunin and Christopher Robbins, lists dried Oak bark as well as oak galls as useful remedies for a variety of ailments, as a mouthwash for inflamed ...
  5. Cinquefoil
    ... rheumatism, arthritis, quinsey, epilepsy, toothache, bleeding gums, mouthwash , fever, and throat sores, hoarseness, cough, ague, colds, flu, canker sores.

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Bye for now!


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