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At the moment, there are no technical difficulties for some links. But the sites may move.Try copying the address from the Source Page into Notepad, and reissuing the address on another Search Engine, if you have the time. I tested all of these, and have made some new arrangements. As for the mystical way, it might be more courteous to write me (Sue)  if you find a broken link. I used to make these pages per month as a sample for job-hunting, but I have retired, so I am not on call 24 hours a day.

You Grow Girl!!!  This very extensive site has Plant Journal reviews, essays, dictionaries of terms, plant art, fun spots and some very excellent plant photography:  

Herbal Remedies

On, you can Learn all about herbs and many herbal and natural remedies listed for various ailments.A good reference. Like The Vitamin Bible, the site has updated info on essential amino acids. Very good.

Martha Stewarts' Plant Guide

Herbs, Veg, Flowers, more...

No need to mention that this is a very good thing! (also, Message Board-Seed Swap)

Humour:  found this really hilarious site looking for Iris Versicolor. The photos are great! Wait til you get tickled by the humour in this site! Super!

an Herbs reference guide on health:

Feverfew - newer definition of feverfew uses.Contains a glossary of medical terms: herb medicine pages:

Medicinal Herbs Online :

Health Research Abstracts on Motherwort from China (Leonurus Sibricus L) . Go to this address and type in /Library/ or use or msn search:

Health Article on Rheumatism -Myalgia (David L. Hoffman B Sc (Hons)M.N.I.M.I.X. ) Quite a few interesting recipes for salves to assist in the control of arthritic pain.Good how-tos, not measured in gills, parts or handsfull! :  

Magickal Herbs and Spells

Herbs and spells:Go to: Spellwerx


Curious about Mrs. Grieves ? she wrote 'A Modern Herbal' in 1935.This site takes ages to get online. Mrs. Grieves Gardening Hotline:


The Politick: Unesco has many avenues of exploration.Go to Unesco, pages on drugs and crime, also education:


Wildflowers: Poppies. great download of florals for wallpaper. By Pam Burnette Division 13, Roadside Environmental.
Wildflowers Woodlands Ontario:
Beautiful site with great resources. ,Mississippi  Wildflowers ,Flowers by colour.Mystery Mud Plantain. Wildflowers of Mississippi 

Mistletoe: Go To: /HEALTH/conditions/2001/,or "mistletoe + cancer" on Search:


Images Gallery of Connecticut Wildflowers a beautiful, clear and rewarding site. Colour coded photo source of wildflowers:
Images Club Photo gallery- thousands of peoples' pix of flowers- alphabetized links. Go stark raving mad!!

Cherries An italian site with many prunus avium images, by Paolo Sannes:  


Pycnogenol: read about Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC),flavan-3-ol, from Pine or grapeseed. BC Cancer Agency

Conifers Gum resin (Indian Medicine) Click in Gathering Northeastern Plants. White Pine:
A Whole Book on Conifers : Conifers Folklore!Science! Forest products from Conifers.A Whole Book on Conifers:

Canadian Indigenous Trees  Wiki List of Canadian Trees

The Plant List:  List of All Known Plants

Patent Shelf Medicines.  Who Invented Vicks Vapo-Rub!: The Father of Vicks'

Royal Forestry Society of England :Forestry Society


Pot :The Politick,the news,and images:  Lots on Marijuana    

Narcotics : Cannabis Science

Tropic Topics

Tropical Hawaii U. :Fabulous Botanicals
Naturopathy,Fabulous Botanicals Catalogue

 Healing in Australia. Middle Path Natural Therapies Clinic:  A true temple to Natural Healing



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