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I really have tried to make these pages more accessible, and welcome your interest or advice via the email, at the bottom of the page.

Northdays Image is a design company I started in Ontario, Canada.
Northdays started with the manufacture of photocards.

It is now called Northdays Image: Natural Light Photos.

Mission Purpose

After I had learned the rudiments of operating a computer, in 1998, I started studying the emerging world wide library.
I was so excited by what had already been shared with society.
For thirty years I had enjoyed a hobby, which was reading of medicinal and flowering herbs, and wild flowers.Since my memory has always been iffy, and was not getting any better, I hit on a solution: study that would not only serve my own memoric needs, but also benefit other students of nature. I decided to post my studies about herbs and natural medicine in a systematic fashion.
The first few years allowed me time to study for about three essays per month, to which I added tables of constituents and uses.

My interest expanded and became more focused. I had my information at my fingertips. Encouraged by the scope that Internet offered to me as an artist/researcher/writer, I developed the ethos behind the free months of work that I was offering to others.

Although I was job hunting as a web designer or graphic artist, I also wished to share my discoveries about natural health, since herbs and vitamins from herbs had saved me from a rather severe health problem.

My generation started working on health foods, health issues, natural medicine and holistic self-healing way back in the sixties, when to procure healing herbs, organically grown foods and natural remedies seemed rather luxurious.

Herbs by Northdays Image would serve to inspire self care in the individual who chose to read my articles, or to understand the medicinal values of what they ingested. Herbs by Northdays Image would exist as a non-commercial donation toward the needs of surfers in many areas.


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My photobook is called "Deep Purple". I am also its' publisher: Northdays Image: Natural Light Publications.

I have also written a book about a dear love of mine, religious interfaith, which is called Meeting Ananda Bodhi - Heavenly Enlightenment. These are available on Lulu.com and Amazon, published by Lulu Publishing.


 If you are interested in herb research toward articles and properties pages, or wish to submit an article:
Please write my email:  suespersonal1@gmail.com

My Other Sites

Arts-Carleton Place 

(Opens in a separate Window:)


Arts Carleton Place is a site which shows some of the lovely aspects of a beautiful small town, near Ottawa, Ontario. I lived there for more than twenty years.
During the years spent raising my son and working as a fine artist, I let the areas' beauty influence my art.
Some of my works made during that period are shown as indicative of the quiet richness of the areas' qualities.

Art for Medicine", FOR DOCTOR BUDDIES

(In Separate Window:)http://www.artformedicine.brenttech.ca/

I have started this for our Doctor buddies. Perhaps an arts language can help patients and Doctors to see eye to eye.

I also have an experimental arts site made for Doctor buddies, posted in the hope of establishing language guidelines from diverse schools of thought, like the arts, so that scientists may have a chance at some insight into the way media people communicate, and also, why.




You can see some of my photos on this link: Flickr: Sue From Ontario.

The photos allowed from other sites are honoured in the credits page, or they are my own.


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This web design includes JavaScripting, DHTML, Flash animation, Picture Publishing or MS Photodraw V graphics, and is scripted mostly in HTML 4.01 transitional + DHTML . Most of the pages have been updated to match current accessibility standards. Currently, I am reformatting employing XHTML and 4.01 Transitional.
I employ the use of a digital camera (Fuji Finepix)
and can do some field work for your style concepts, or tech shots.


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This site has been researched, written, updated, and added to regularly for fifteen years, by myself. The space costs and the work have been my donation for the benefit of peoples' health.

Please, do not forget to visit my copyright page, if you are interested in any pages or arts.

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Write to :suespersonal1@gmail.com

Look for a refreshing Lanark perspective in the monthly column, plus oodles of web references in the Links section.
As an herbs researcher, the designer is a hobbyist, but some of the herb recipes and tips are her own.
If you want an herb profiled or wish to contribute to the herb theme, please click the e-mail CONTACT above, and get in touch. Articles are welcome.

This sites' design includes JavaScripting, animated Flash graphics as well as MS Photodraw V.


Most of the graphic imagery and text in this website is by the owner, writer/editor/designer, Sue Risk.
The photos allowed from other sites are honoured in the credits page.


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