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Dental Care

Our Dental Section: All about dental self- care; what pages in Northdays show you herbs that improve your dental health?

The navigation bar on the left has a new section called "Dental Health". On the dropdown, a button is titled "Interest". Link through this to a page, which is called Natural Dental about some natural dental health recipes and ideas.
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2007 Aztec Sweet Herb
Aztec Sweet HerbI like a particular herb, which can be adapted to Canadian soil to be used either for its attractiveness in planters, or actually for cuisine or medicine. Aztec Sweet Herb is 1,000 to 1,500 times sweeter than sugar, yet it does not contribute to tooth decay.

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Having been a life long fan of chocolate, and that's of all kinds - the savour, scents, softening qualities - I am overwhelmed by the wealth of glad tidings concerning the healthful aspects of cacao.

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French Canadian Vegetarian Tourtiere

Meatless  The tourtiere page contains variations (including vegetarian) of one of winters' comfort foods of Canadians: Quebec Tourtiere.

Tourtiere is a meat pie traditionally made with herbs, spice and meat. I happen to like meatless cuisine, and in my article I describe why eating this way occured to me at all. As well, I discovered that I could really enjoy veggie soya products in quite classy formats.

pie ingredients

The Great Pumpkin Pie Contest

Some of we market vendors entered a contest for best pie in the Autumn of 2012. A silent auction offered proceeds to the local Food Bank. My article is about this (the first pie contest I've entered) and it also contains a recipe for home made Pumpkin Pie.

Green (unroasted) coffee beans

Coffee Update

Read recent news about coffee

Recent news about coffee and its helful nature as an herb led me to research some fairly scientific stuff.

soapwort article link

Wash Days

Read all about Soapwort. This herb might seem rustic and the idea of making ones own soap from the garden old-fashioned, but its uses are worth knowing about.
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farmers market article

Salad Days

Column: May. 2011 describes some of the benefits of shopping in a Farmers' Market.

Salt Days
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It's cooling, and we'll enjoy harvest root vegetables, winter spuds and stovetop cooking. Whatever the weather, a nice addition to the salad days (which even makes sense for a mid-summer Bar BQ) is to make a 'hot' salad, full of nutritional ingredients.Try the hearty salad combination or whiz it up your own favourite way.
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Blue Ajuga

Blue Ajuga

The advent of really sunny, moist warm weather in late May tends to spark the flowering of ground covering vines, like Ajuga or Creeping Phlox.
This article is about Blue Ajuga, a brilliant rock-garden cover and a medicinal herb..


The "Golden" Radish

Read about an herb that is worth its weight in gold- it's hot! The Horseradish


Seeds and seedlings

Bread and Chocolate.

The Reincarnating World: Notes about reincarnation or rebirth. From plant seeds to eggs, toward a faithful understanding of what makes life return to earth, again and again: Comparative religion.


Ars Ho!


Creative, or Humour Section:

1. Risks' PhotoLog Risks' Photolog has moved to a secure photosite. These are occasional shots; some sets are photo essays.

2. Doctors' Cures and Curses,  a Doctors' Eight-Ball!  If you need Words of Inspiration...Ask the Doctor,   -  then take the pill! 
3.  Moons Phases: Check out the moon- is it a crescent or full moon today? A script plus graphics indicate the moons actual look, daily.

Chinese Lanterns

The Herb Contents Page Proper

has linked pages which link to articles and an alphabetized MouseOver list showing images of herbs,  linking to Properties Pages.For your information I will be working on descriptive pages for imagery to further equalized net access for surfers.

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